The Top 6 Dusk to Dawn Lights For Outdoor Security of 2021

Do you need a lighting fixture that can help you lit up your space perfectly? Have you ever wanted a light that automatically activates during dusk hours and turns off itself during dawn? Or do you prefer the kind of light that will help you increase safety and security in your home? 

If you agree with all of these thoughts, then you’re looking for dusk to dawn lights. 

These kinds of lights have been popular and useful to guard establishments, storage places, barns, and other outdoor spaces. Homeowners have been loving dusk to dawn lights. It also helps provide more bright light on their doorways, giving enough safety and security at home. 

With its main inbuilt sensor feature, this kind of light self-activates during dusk and automatically shuts down during the night. In such a case, you’ll never worry about switching it on and off from time to time. 

Dusk to dawn light has been one of the most useful lights for many good reasons. If you’re aiming to have this kind of light, then you’re certainly in the right spot. 

In this post, we’ll cover the benefits of having a Dusk to Dawn Light at your space, tips on choosing the best light, and more. 

What is Dusk to Dawn Light? 

Dusk to dawn lights automatically functions on their own as it switches on during the evening and turns off during daylight. This light usually helps illuminate your establishment or home’s exterior, which can further increase safety and security at your place. So whether you aim for a primary security feature that can control path lights or project spotlights on particular areas, dusk to dawn lights can help you with that. 

This kind of light also comes in different forms and sizes, making it suitable for any outdoor location such as roadways, parking lots, pedestrian areas, and streets. Dusk to dawn light can practically help you in solving safety issues through lighting dark spaces, especially during nighttime. 

Best of all, dusk to dawn lights help you save more from your budget as it uses a minimal amount of energy. It can help you replace high-wattage bulbs to save thousands of dollars on your electric bills. 

There are many more reasons you love and try this light at your home or any establishment. Thus, if you’re not yet convinced with how dusk to dawn light can help you, look further below and see the benefits of this fantastic light. 

5 Top Benefits of Dusk to Dawn Light

Dusk to Dawn lights might be one of the sunlight that has been on your list for such a long time. If you’re still looking for more reasons to try this light at your place, then we’re here to give you some hints. See what kind of benefits can the dusk to dawn light provide you below

Improve Security Outdoors

The leading benefit of dusk to dawn light fixtures is their safety and security features. With this light mounting on your home’s exterior, you can ensure a risk-free place in your area. Purchasing these lights will enable you to light up your driveway, front porch at home or use this kind of light to clear up sidewalks, building entrances, and pedestrian lanes. 

What’s even better is that dusk to dawn light fixtures gives enough bright light with consistent light coverage for maximum security in the area. With that, you can conveniently walk down the road without being scared in the dark. 

Dusk to dawn lighting also best works in basements, storage facilities, and garages to guide light for carrying items and other materials in the area. Adding this light fixture to these locations can help you work at a more significant operation and help you save some time. When installed, this light will automatically recognize the movement as it turns on the light. 

Furthermore, if looking for dusk to dawn light, you can choose between two options for you to try: wall-mount and arm mounting for poles. Both choices are good to use, whether for personal or business use.

Long-life LED lights

What’s right about dusk to dawn light is all about its LED light. No matter what wattage you choose, you can expect that the lamps can last for long hours. Additionally, dusk to dawn lights is maintenance-free. This means that you don’t have to worry about changing the bulbs closer to ten years. 

And did we forget to mention their LED light technology? This light delivers superior lighting exposure, which provides better fair coverage compared to other light fixtures. And the good news is that this lasts longer and consumes less energy as well.

Variety of Options to Choose From

You name it, whatever Watts you need, the dusk to dawn light has more options for you to choose from. The best dusk to dawn light fixtures has the following wattages:

● 45-watt: 15-25 foot ceilings, 5000k Daylight

● 70-watt: 25-45 foot ceilings, 5000k Daylight

This light also gives small and large size options. So, you can choose if you’d like to get dusk to dawn light in 20 inches or 23 inches long. 

Bright Exterior Lighting

As mentioned, dusk to dawn lights provides adequate lighting exposure in your home’s exterior or any other establishments. If you’re looking for a light fixture that can undoubtedly give the exact function, then don’t think twice about buying this light for your place. Besides, this kind of light fixture is multi-use. You can put them anywhere you would like and would still do their job, lighting up correctly during dusk hours. 

Motion Sensor Activated 

A fantastic feature that you can try with dusk and dawn to light fixtures is a motion sensor activated. With this aspect, these lights are on from evening until morning. But if you forget to turn on the lights, the sensors built in the fixtures will turn the light on when the sunshine disappears. The same thing goes when switching off the lights when the sun rises. 

How Does Dusk to Dawn Light Work? 

Dusk to dawn light fixtures works through photocells. This material is the one that signals the lighting system when to switch on and off. Even though photocells have different types, their sole purpose is to be semiconductors to control the current. 

The current flow process happens when a specific amount of light hits semiconductors. Now, this action is the reason why the lighting system goes off. The current flow stops as the light goes dark. Additionally, this activity triggers the lighting system to turn on. Also, some photocell sensors allow you to choose what level of light you can activate the photocell. 

On top of that, photocells can be used together or changed with time and motion sensors. As the name suggests, motion sensors respond to the motion. As it senses movements, it automatically turns on. The time sensor, on the other hand, switches on and off at a specific time. Although, take note that this type of sensor is not dependent on environmental factors. 

The Best Dusk to Dawn Lights Products

Selecting the best dusk to dawn lights that would perfectly fit your home or outdoor space might be challenging. Here’s a list of some of the best dusk to dawn lights available in the market to help you out. Look further below. 

BECCALIGHTING Dusk to Dawn LED Light Bulbs

First on the list is the BECCALIGHTING dusk to dawn LED light bulbs. If you’re looking for affordable and good quality dusk to dawn LED light, then this is the one for you. This 9W LED bulb helps you save up on your power bill up to 90% and reduce the lamp replacement frequency. 

The best thing about this product is that it has a 360 degrees motion sensor that is compatible with any lamp on the market. What’s even more remarkable is that this dusk to dawn bulb light turns on at night when you are away or even on vacation. This discourages any intruder from running into your home, thinking that there is someone inside your place. 

With BECCALIGHTING, you’re guaranteed safe and away from all the invaders around your area. Don’t worry because this light is effortless and quick to install. Just screw into any standard E26 E27 fixtures, and you are good to go! There are no additional wires or motion detection fixtures required, so this light bulb is convenient for you to set-up. 

At a low-cost price, you can try this outside your home or to any establishments you are in to increase safety and security in the location. Are you convinced? Try this item now. 

Maximma LED Outdoor Light

If you’re looking for a dusk to dawn light with a fair and fancy design, the Maximma LED Outdoor Light can provide you with that feature. This light has a black aluminum base with a clear glass lens suitable for mounting by front doors, side doors, garage, porches, and other locations. 

It has 580 Lumens, 3000K Warm White Light Output that is a fully integrated LED Fixture. The warm white light only consumes 8.25 watts of energy, which is good to save enough on your electricity bills. 

With that, this dusk to dawn light will surely perfectly lighten up your space during dark hours. And what’s more this light is best to use for wet locations. So, whether it’ll be a sunny or rainy day, the Maximma LED Outdoor Light can help you shine up your area all the way.

Lithonia Lighting OFTH 300PR

Who wouldn’t want the best? Lithonia lighting one of the people’s preferences when it comes to dusk to dawn lights, is the best choice for many. This light is best for outdoor use in residential spaces, patios, play areas, and walkways. 

These dusk to dawn lights are best for a wall to install on wall mounts made from high-quality materials. It also features a tool-free adjustable heads for side to side and up and down angle that allows lights to get focused in two directions. 

In case you might be asking yourself, this light is weather, rugged and rust-resistant, perfect to use for your building and home’s exterior. Thus, this light doesn’t include any light source technology. The lumen light output depends on the light source selected by the end-user. 

Still, if you’re looking for the right product that’s loved by many, getting this Lithonia Lighting is the right one for you. 

Bbounder – LightPRO Dusk to Dawn Outdoor Area Light

Are you looking for an item that’s very easy to install? Then, getting the Bbounder Lightpro is would probably be the best choice. This dusk to dawn LED light is the top-rated item in the market today. With its energy-saving and LED technology feature, you can assure that this light can help you cut down 88% of your electricity bill. 

But wait, let me tell you something. The BBounder Lightpro is also DLC & ETL-listed and IP65 waterproof, which can withstand any weather situation. With its rugged aluminum housing and corrosion-resistant cast, you are guaranteed that this light will last long. It also comes with a free five-year unlimited warranty. How good is that?

Best of all, this is a straightforward install and can be set-up on the exterior wall or any mounting arms. Try the Bbounder Lightpro in your backyard, garage, street, walkways, parking lot, and lot more! 

Sylvania Easton Light Vintage Fixture

The Sylvania Easton Light Vintage fixture is the greatest one to get if you’re aiming for a classic and vintage style of lights in your area. The antique black metal dome shade will give you the best retro style industrial look at your home or any establishments in your location. 

This light is perfect for multiples or single-use as it provides an elegant and classic theme to your space. Get a chance to greet your visitors and relatives with a beautiful illumination of LED fixtures that can help you create a sense of security and comfort at your location. 

The Sylvania Easton Light Vintage Fixtures also includes one clear 800-lumen A19 filament bulbs that can light up any place at your home. If you’re searching for a product that increases your safety and provides you a trendy style, then this one’s for you.

So, try out and combine the latest technology with a light bulb’s classic look in your space now. Achieve that stylish area with a modern system today!

LEPower LED Security Light

Are you planning to get a super bright and energy-saving LED light at home? Well, why not? Take a look at the LEPower LED security light and install this at home. Powered by Samsung LED lamp beads, this dusk to dawn light generates up to 3500 LM at a low-power of 35W. It also comes with an optical designed filter lens that gives better illumination than any other chips. With this, you can save at least 80% on your electricity bill compared to the traditional light bulbs. 

What’s more, the LEPower dusk to dawn light has an upgrade motion sensor lights which can trigger human movements, animals, or cars up to 72FT with a range of 180 degrees comprehensive detection. The best part about this light is that you can install cameras beside the security light. And, there’s no need for you to worry about the security because it’s ETL certified. 

This light is made with a full metal design and IP65 waterproof, which can resist any type of weather like sleet, snow, rainstorm, and more. The LEPower Light is guaranteed to last long with 50,000 hours Light lifespan. Lastly, You won’t be having enough hard time testing these lights as this is very easy to install. 

So, if you’re looking for a hardly upgraded dusk to dawn light with many and certified features, the LEPower 35W LED light is the answer to your problem. With a robust and upgraded security light in your space, you prevent thieves and unwanted situations.

How to Choose the Best Dusk to Dawn Light?

With all the items given above, at some point, choosing the best dusk and dawn light might still be a tough thing to do. For instance, how would you be able to select the appropriate dusk to dawn light for your area? To further guide you with your decisions, we’ve broken down some reasons for you. Look more below. 

Why would you want to purchase? 

Dusk to dawn light is handy, especially in terms of safety and security at home. But other than that, why would you want to buy it? Do you have any other thoughts and ideas about why purchasing it would be best for your home?

Establishing your reason for buying dusk to dawn light will help you easily choose the best light suitable for your space. Like many people, they use this light for outdoor purposes while others use it indoors. Thus, dusk to dawn light is practically ideal to light up spaces in your doorway, garage, and parking lots. 

Once you’ve chosen the perfect light for your area, then selecting the most suitable light won’t be that hard at all. 

How much is your budget?

Admit it or not, budget is one of the challenges in purchasing materials such as lights. Ensuring that you won’t need or adding extra money will help you save a lot than you expected. Besides, this light is undoubtedly right to use since it enables you to save energy and power. 

Take note that there is dusk to dawn lights that are too expensive not only because of their quality but because of the advanced technology integrated into their system to function. Conversely, there are cheap lights which you can avail of online with acceptable standards and quality at the same time. 

Overall, it’s your call whether to buy a cheap one or not. The only difference is the process and system that each light can bring your place.

Consider the bulb’s wattages

You may not have thought of it but considering the bulb’s wattage is quite useful when purchasing this light. Wattage are the amount of energy needed to generate an amount of light. Higher wattage mean a brighter light. Alternatively, Lumens is the amount of energy that the bulb gives out. Some people review this part to know how bright the light can a bulb bring. Of course, who would want to purchase a bulb with dim light specifically for the outdoors? 

Choosing a bulb color 

At some point, it might not be an essential thing for you to look into. But dusk to dawn lights has their colors. Some of it includes the “soft white,” “warm white,” and “cool white.” There are also bulb colors like yellow, purple, red, and many more. Although these bulbs function the same, having a great choice of bulb color can help your space glow up in the best way. 


How to reset this light?

Resetting the light isn’t hard at all. You can turn off the light (through the power switch) and then leave it for about a second. Then, flip the switch back on. After that, you are good to go!

How do I know if the Photocells are bad?

Just try to cover the photocell and avoid the light to hit it. While doing this, a functional photocell should be read “0”. The next step is to cover and flashlight onto the surface. From here, a functional photocell should read “1020”. So, if your photocell doesn’t read correctly, it may be because of the shorted wires. In case this happens, replace the photocell. 

What causes the light to turn off and on?

There may be few things why this happens:

  • It’s because of the wrong bulb.
  • Your sensor is having a thermal shutdown.
  • Your sensor is getting reflection that triggers it to shut down and on. 

How long do these lights run?

Dusk to dawn lights can run approximately for 50,000 hours.

Does this light use too much electricity?

No, it does not. It produces better output while you save more watts of energy. 

The Verdict

Dusk to dawn lights is essential, especially when it talks about your home’s safety and security. With these lights, you can guarantee that you are safe from thieves, intruders, or any other attacker that might go inside your home. 

Considering the benefits of this light will help you to choose what’s best for your site entirely. Thus, if you’re looking for a cheaper one, going for BECCALIGHTING would be the most applicable. Aside from being affordable, it provides useful features that can help you maximize its function at home or in any establishment.

On the other hand, if you have enough budget and are longing for some significant upgrades, the LEPower is the one. Well, who wouldn’t want to try out a smart technology LED? In addition to that, it has more exciting features like the motion sensor and is certified by ETL for safe use. 

But still, the decision is all in your hands. Choosing the dusk to dawn light best for your home might be the hardest thing to do, but once you have everything you need, nothing will be hard. For the best dusk to dawn light, choose what’s right and what will be the most functional one for you.