Cleaning Your Solar Light Panels For Your Garden

Solar lights are one of those essential items to have in your household. It solely helps in providing energy to your home by transforming solar power into lighting. Most people consider having solar panels at home not only because it’s part of the trend but because they are eco-friendly and low maintenance. Although solar panels come handily, cleaning them might not be as easy as you think.

Majority of the people who use it encounter an issue when it comes to cleaning the panels. But do note that solar light and the panels itself can be dirtied for many reasons. Thus, knowing how to clean your solar light panels when they get stained is an essential matter.

For instance, there are few steps on how you can clean your hazy and dusty solar lights, and we’re here to help you out in this post.  Find out some tips and tricks that you can do to clean up your solar light panels on garden lights, and once they’re all clear, you can start placing them under the sun again!

Solar Light Parts

Before proceeding, it is necessary to know the solar light parts to see what you’re cleaning. Usually, solar lights come with three major components that need maintenance regularly. These are the solar panels, light coverings, and, of course, the batteries.

Remember, you can replace the batteries once every few months if you notice that the lights are starting to burn out and becoming less effective. On the other hand, when it comes to checking the coverings and panels, you might have a hard time detecting if it needs to be replaced or not.

Cleaning your solar panels also comes with proper maintenance. It would be best to check your solar light panels each time any kind of storm had passed or during other poor weather conditions. At times, even those durable and waterproof solar light panels can still get damaged in such bad weather due to winds, heavy rain, or snow.

Before anything unusual could happen, cleaning off your lights every few weeks will be a better idea to do. For sure, you’ll see a lot of improvement in your solar light’s life, making it run for more years to come.

Quick & Simple Steps in Cleaning Solar Light Panels

Along with the solar lights, keeping your solar panels cleaned is one of the most important things that come next. Checking it every now and then is an excellent way to avoid any damage or issue that may arise later on. The panels themselves are the central part of the solar light, making it the most important of all. So, keeping it clean should be your top priority of all.

Although, for most people, cleaning the panels isn’t that difficult. You can just take a damp towel or cloth and wipe down the solar panels with extra care. Take note that solar panels are very delicate, so applying too much pressure could cause any damage to the panels.

If there’s one thing that you would want to prevent, that would be to break the panels themselves. So, always be careful in wiping it down. Next, you can wipe up the surface to clean it and remove any waste on the panel. Right after that, you can put a small amount of detergent and wipe it down once more. If there are any excess marks left on the panel, you can dry them out using a paper towel.

Drying the solar panel would be the final procedure to complete your cleaning method. To ensure that it won’t get any damage by moisture, dry it thoroughly until everything’s good.

Solar Light Panel Covering

Usually, you may notice that solar light panels have a light covering that protects and surrounds the light fixtures inside. There might be times that the coverings start to become dirty or hazy as days go by.

But you don’t have to worry about anything else because you can always clean them off with the same basic procedure on cleaning the solar light panels in general.

If you miss it, put a damp towel on the light panel covering and apply some dish soap or liquid detergents (if you want) to remove the dirt around the covering. After that, you’re good to go!

Other Means of Cleaning your Solar Light Panel

If you’re not yet convinced about cleaning your solar light panel, there are still other ways for you to keep it clean. Another option that you can try is by cleaning it with vinegar.

To start, combine two cups of water, a quarter cup of vinegar into a spray bottle, and a half-teaspoon of soap. Spray all this mixture into your solar panel and begin wiping all the dirt down. Then, you’re good! Once done, you can observe that your solar light panels shine like new once again!

You can also try experimenting with other means at your home but always consider looking for the safest item to try on. Remember, solar panels are sensitive; you can either get them clean or break them into seconds.

Cleaning Solar Light Panels with Safety

Keeping your solar light panels clean and maintaining them is one of the best ways for you to ensure that they will work for many years to come. Admit it or not, there might just be days where you just want to wipe everything away for it to be clean instantly.

However, like any other household materials, cleaning your solar light panels with safety is also a protocol that you should never forget. As you clean your solar panels, ensure to handle them with extreme care. Take note that solar light panels aren’t cheap; they are costly! So, replacing or even just fixing them could either break your banks or wallet.


Keeping your solar light panels cleaned and well-maintained is an essential factor in making your garden even brighter and better. Although it may seem to bring you to struggle, you will surely be happy with the result of your household. It’s not only about putting extra decorations around your place but it also comes with helping the environment and keeping your pockets satisfied.

Best of all, it feels good to clean solar lights and see that they’re doing their job in the greatest way that they can; shining your lawn, garden, plants, outdoor space, and more! There’s no harm in keeping your solar panels cleaned once in a while.

Besides, you will primarily benefit from everything that it does until the end. Why not put it in a way where you’re not only helping the environment but becoming an inspiration to other people as well? Who knows? You might drag someone to use or simply “clean” their solar light panels at home!