Top 6 Best Outdoor String Lights for 2021

Suppose there’s one thing that could make your outdoor or backyard at home looks attractive or magical. In that case, an outdoor string light may probably be the best solution for that. Have you seen one of those lights? If not, then you’re in the right spot! We’re here to give you more details about outdoor string lights and why it is a great choice to make your home beautiful, especially at night. 

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Coffee night, date night, chill night, bonding night, or whatever occasion there may be, there will always be one type of light that must be present in these events — outdoor string lights. 

Outdoor string lights are also known as fairy lights, fiesta lights, or party lights. These are small electric lights on a cable or wire string used for decorations and any work or home celebrations. The truth is, outdoor string lights are relatively popular. It gives a magical and happy vibe, but it also has many useful features to provide any outdoor space. 

More importantly, outdoor string lights can help you in bringing an attractive exterior to your home. A good old nostalgic glow with long-lasting and durable LED lights like the outdoor string lights will give you the best touch for a perfect home. But, while there are many available Outdoor String Lights to choose from in the market, which one is the best? 

To cast out your struggle, we’ve rounded up 10 of the greatest outdoor string lights that are perfect for your place. Feel free to select from solar-powered, smart control or plug-in outdoor string lights! 

Let’s jump into this post! 

6 Best Outdoor String Lights for your Patio, Backyard, Porch, and Outdoor Space

Listed below are the Top 5 Outdoor String Lights you can choose for an unforgettable backyard experience at home. See more details below! 

BECCALIGHTING Warm Outdoor String Light

The best and fairest always comes above everything else. In this case, BECCALIGHTING Warm Outdoor String Light goes into the top spot of this list. The highlight of BECCALIGHTING Warm Outdoor String Light comes with using it in both low or high voltage. 

If you use other 110 – 120 volts high voltage outdoor string lights in some scenarios, it will be too dangerous to try. Consumers mostly hit into accidents when touching the broken light bulb, which can lead to getting electrocuted. Using a low voltage string similar to the BECCALIGHTING Warm Outdoor String lights is the best light to use at your home. 

This light can also be hardwired to a 12 voltage battery and has a 110v volts to 120 volts wall adaptor. With this feature, BECCALIGHTING is the perfect and safest light to use outdoors under harsh weather conditions.

It is also protected by waterproof sockets using a Weather Tite Technology, all by BECCALIGHTING. And, did we forget to mention that this can also function through solar power? Well, yes, it can! 

Best of all, BECCALIGHTING outdoor string lights are good low voltage landscape lights for both outdoors and indoors. So, whether you place these outdoor string lights in a gazebo, poles, patio, or hang them on trees, you are guaranteed safe!  

So, if you’re looking for an outdoor string light that can switch from low to high voltage, then BECCALIGHTING Warm Outdoor String Light is the best deal to get. 


Are you looking for some Italian-vintage style outdoor string lights that are perfect for your patio? The Brightech Ambience Pro Solar Powered Lights is the best deal to get. Enjoy a retro bistro look for a nice party ambiance at home or outdoors! 

What’s even better is that this outdoor string light is bright enough for you to grill and eat with your family without overpowering your bills! Spend the rest of the night with your friends and visitors as these bulbs can last for 5-6 hours on a full charge! Install it wherever you may like! 

Best of all, this light is a commercial-grade weatherproof bistro light with shatterproof s14 bulbs. Using these lights is safe to use and can withstand any harsh weather conditions all year long. Plus, the bulbs are also made of shatterproof plastic shells that can resist heat up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. 

In case you might be asking, this solar outdoor string light has a power switch on the back panel. The light bulbs are also replaceable, which is a good thing, in case any damage happens. Indirect sunlight also works well with these outdoor string lights, but note that it might not function for long hours. 

Try the Brightech Ambience Pro now in your backyard and experience the best party you’ll ever want with this light! Guaranteed safe and secured with a full three-year warranty! So, in case anything goes unwell, don’t hesitate to connect with their staff and get the assistance you deserve! 

Go with these Italian-vintage and solar powered outdoor string lights for a perfect outdoor experience! 

Goove Outdoor String Lights

Turning into the third spot of the best outdoor string light is the Goove. Nothing beats having cozy and warm night lights under these bulbs. If you’re looking for some good lights to shine up your life, the Goove Outdoor String Lights might be the one you’re looking for. 

Establish a perfect outdoor party with your family by using these outdoor string lights! You can adjust the lights between 6 light effect speed or six brightness levels through remote control with a dimmable lighting feature! The LED bulbs of Goove lights are also guaranteed to be IP65 water-resistant, making them safe to use outdoors. 

Among the other outdoor string lights available in the market, this item stands out because of its one unique feature: Long-Lasting & Eco-friendly. With each bulb consuming only 1W of power and a lifespan of 20,000 hours, you can save a lot on your budget while having fun and a magical night with your family. 

And the good news? The Gove Outdoor String Lights provides the best convenience for its users with its remote control! Manage your lights easily within a 30m range and try 6 scene modes to set your ideal mood! This light also comes with a timer function for fun lighting schedule moments with loved ones! 

Now, if you’re aiming for eco-friendly and low voltage outdoor string lights to help you save a lot in your money and energy, the Goove outdoor string light can be the one. 

BECCALIGHTING Color Changing Outdoor String Lights

The fourth spot on the list is not one of your typical outdoor string lights in the market. The BECCALIGHTING Color Changing Outdoor string lights provide you with the best and safe lighting features you can use for a long time. 

This low voltage string light, similar to the BECCALIGHTING 12 voltage warm string light, is the perfect outdoor string light to use because of its low voltage feature. This outdoor string light can switch from a low voltage to high voltage power through a transformer. 

It includes both power supplies with a plug if you wish to plug it on AC 110 – 120V. It also has a 12 volts connector, which you can wire to any 12v power source. You can also contact BECCALIGHTING’s customer support team with your shipping details and order ID for an extra 12-volt connector if needed. 

The BECCALIGHTING color changing outdoor string light is also an excellent choice for outdoor or indoor landscaping lighting solutions all year round. Hang this light around your pool, patio, backyard, or even campfire, and you would have the best celebration or event at home ever! Enjoy the RGB lights and have some magical night with the BECCALIGHTING color changing outdoor string lights.

Best of all, you don’t have to worry about placing these lights outdoors as it is IP65 Waterproof, making it suitable for all kinds of weather! 

Trying the BECCALIGHTING Color Changing Outdoor String Light at your home might be one of the best choices you’ll make for your home! Grab this low voltage outdoor string light for the best safety and security with a fun night with your loved ones! 

Amico Outdoor String Light

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If you’re looking for a trusted outdoor string light that you can go hand-in-hand at your place, choosing the Amico lights might be the best deal. 

This outdoor string light highlights its Shatterproof and long-lasting bulbs. With very little chance of breaking or shattering, the Amico Outdoor String Lights is suitable to use outdoors at home or any establishments. Made out of durable material, you can ensure that these lights will run for a long time. 

What’s more, it’s also UL Listed and weatherproof commercial, making it even better and safer to use. The insulation material of each light also helps protect and stand against any harsh weather all year around. 

In case you’re wondering how the light goes, the Amico Outdoor String Lights offers a dimmable feature. With a dimmer switch, you can bring down the brightness for a softer and romantic ambiance at your place. Spend a calm and relaxing moment with your loved ones, friends, or visitors and enjoy the rest of the night. 

Trying the Amico Outdoor String Lights is also a right choice for varieties of events and celebrations that may plan; here’s why: With its waterproof strand, these outdoor string lights can guarantee you to work on any occasion throughout the year. Whether it’s a wedding, gathering, bbq parties, or as simple as lighting up your garden, the Amico outdoor string lights are good to go. 

Best of all, you don’t have to worry about damages and other issues. It gives a warranty satisfaction to every customer. So, if you need any help, worry less as all their after-sales staff is ready to attend to your needs. 

BrighTown Outdoor String Light 25 Feet G40

An outdoor string light that can be widely used at any time is something you might be looking for. If that’s the case, the Brighton Outdoor String Light can provide you a solution! 

This outdoor string light is perfect to use for personal and commercial decorations in the balcony, terrace, garage, garden, or whichever place you may like! Hang these outdoor string lights through a gazebo, poles, trees, or any foundation available, and it will undoubtedly give you the best lights! 

With its energy-saving and Dimmable compatible feature, you can ensure that the Brighton Outdoor string light will help you save more on your budget and bills! It also features connectable and portable plugs, suitable for easy carrying and storage. 

What’s more, using the BrighTown outdoor string light will keep you and your family safe during your special events. Its UL certified deck lights are built with weatherproof technology, which can stand against extreme weather conditions. So, whether it’s raining heavy or the sun’s setting up high, these outdoor string lights won’t get affected and broken. 

And the good news about considering this outdoor string light is because of its practical and easy set-up. Install it with a cable tie or fix it anywhere you would like. Best of all, these outdoor string lights are suitable as each light bulb that goes out will not affect the other lighting bulbs. With this feature, you can flexibly hang around or overlap each bulb the way you want it. 

If you’re aiming for an excellent outdoor string light that can be used anytime and anywhere, then the Brighton light might be the answer to your problem.  

Buyer’s Guide

Before heading out the market to choose the best light, having a grasp of knowledge about each piece of outdoor string light is probably a must. If you still don’t have any idea of what type of string light to try, keep scrolling down below for a full guide to selecting the most suitable light at your home.  

Usual Type of Outdoor String Lights 

While there are plenty of outdoor string lights available to choose from, these lights have different quality and features to offer. It certainly depends on what style and preference you would like your outdoor string light would be. All in all, there are the five most common kinds of outdoor string lights. And we’ll briefly discuss it here:

Edison Bulb String Lights – This outdoor string light is the most common commercial grade light that you can see almost everywhere. First, it’s because it offers good quality and durable features that indeed last for a long time. Second, it’s proven to stand out against any weather all year round. 

Best of all, this works with in-line sockets that can hold all kinds of LED bulbs. Plus, Edison Bulb String Lights are all made from heavy-duty wire, so you can guarantee that water won’t come inside the bulbs. More importantly, these outdoor string lights are easy maintenance. So, you won’t probably worry about replacing each bulb from time to time. 

LED Copper Wire String Lights –  If you’ve been hearing a lot of people saying they’ve got some pretty fairy lights in their room, then they’re probably referring to this LED Copper Wire String Lights. This wire string light usually goes with 0.38-0.5MM wire diameter and features a welding-free, bendable, and high-flexibility to any shape, but not easy to get damage. 

LED Copper Wire is typically small in size and weatherproof and can go with any type of weather. It turns out that people loved this light so much as it is widely used for many applications. What’s more, you can also create your lighting at home and do some DIY with this LED Copper Wire.

Christmas Fairy String Lights – Although you may think you can only use this light for Christmas, yet, these fairy string lights have been a common choice for many homeowners. Also used during Halloween, buyers are happy and satisfied with trying these string lights for their homes. 

These lights are available in many colors and feature traditional festive lights that everyone ought to know. It has mini incandescent lamps that can brighten up your home, mostly at night! You can hang these lights on your walls, rooms, garden, patio, or trees! If you’re longing for a fair and festive event, getting this Christmas Fairy String Lights is a must!

Mini Globe String Lights –  This kind of outdoor string light is one of the unique styles you can get. People usually aim to buy the Mini Globe String Lights because they are cute but also affordable. With all it’s similar features to other outdoor string lights, you can surely save a lot in your pocket. 

This light comes with mini globe bulbs attached to a plastic string. You can decorate this light with Christmas trees, patio, doors, and bedrooms as it can go along with each design you can ever think of!

LED Rope lights – Aside from the Copper Wire, LED Rope Lights are also options for buying the best outdoor lights. Why? Because like any other LED string lights, these lights are flexible. You can put them at any object, place, and room that you would like. 

Typically, these lights are called “versatile” as they can match at any place in your home. With its long cylindrical tube that houses the internal light source, you can ensure excellent outdoor or indoor light in your space. Lastly, LED rope lights can run upwards of 250 feet when you use them with an AC input, which can be useful if you’re planning to light up high walls and ceilings at home. 

Tips on Choosing the Best Outdoor String Light

Now that you’ve got a glimpse of the types, kinds, and outdoor string light products, it’s time for the tips! Of course, knowing what’s best for your home doesn’t stop with knowing just about “the lights.” See all these tips below for more information!

Bulb Type and Material

The first thing that you should consider when buying an outdoor string light is its bulb. Although this may not seem to be an option, bulb type and material are essential since string lights are usually placed outdoor. Considering the durability and, at some part, the flexibility of how the bulbs could go is crucial. 

Usually, light bulbs are made out of glass or plastic. Take note that glass bulbs have the risk of getting broken in harsh weather. On the other hand, plastic bulbs are waterproof and shatterproof. Meaning, plastic-type bulbs can resist more severe weather outdoors and still in one piece. 

Bulb type also comes in different shapes. And acknowledging which bulb shape is suitable for your home will help you decorate your space at home. The socket bases that are usually available are E12, E26, etc. For bulb compatibility with the base, ensure that you’re buying replacement bulbs. Otherwise, you might end up purchasing the wrong bulbs that don’t fit the socket. 


Some people might not consider the wattage when buying outdoor string lights. Remember that staying within the maximum run wattage and knowing how many wattages of the bulbs you want to use is essential. 

For some, considering a low voltage light is important as they need solar power or RV. At the same time, some people prefer high voltage, which is relatively fine at all. Thus, most household circuits range from 15 or 20 amps, which can support between 1,800 to 2,4000 watts. So, you should stay at 80% of the total wattage capacity to prevent any tripped breakers. 

When choosing the best string light product for your home, looking for a light type that both performs in a low and high voltage is highly advantageous.

Wire length

There might be times that considering wire light is relatively significant. Each light provides various lengths that can accommodate large or small spaces at home. If you’re aiming to light up your garden or patio, consider a longer wire to hang in the string lights is needed. This matter also goes for small spaces like specific rooms in your house.

Also, a string light with a connectable function will help you connect various wires’ lengths to achieve your desired size. With this, it won’t be hard for you to illuminate all the spaces you need without leaving a dark point in your area. 

Thus, this point also depends on the manufacturer. Outdoor string lights are usually 10, 25, 35, 50, and feet in length. 

Color options

Choosing the most suitable color for outdoor string lights might be challenging. The primary key for this part is to decide what kind of “mood and ambience” you want to achieve. Take note that color options for outdoor string light also varies. 

There are string lights with colorful lights, which are commonly known as RGB LED lights. These lights are often used for festive celebrations like Christmas and Halloween, and more. Meanwhile, there are warm and cozy lights for special and serene events. Usually, this illuminates with a classic yellow glow, white or soft yellow glow that you can see in restaurants, gardens, and patios.

Whatever that item may be, ensuring to have the best and memorable moment with your loved ones is still the best part of all. 

Installing the Outdoor String Lights

Installing outdoor string lights is not that hard at all. Although there are different kinds of installation processes, looking through each manual is the best option. Each outdoor string lights set-up also varies depending on how and where you would want to hang in your lights.

Most people used it for their patio, trees, garden, or only in their rooms. 

But usually, outdoor string lights can be affixed to a structure (gazebo, poles, etc.) or hang into a guidewire for safety. Take note that a guidewire can help prolong the life of your outdoor light strings by taking out the tension created on the strings as your string lights hang over some time. 


All in all, outdoor string lights will not only help you improve your outdoor look but will also help illuminate your space splendidly. Out of all the products mentioned above, BECCALIGHTING Outdoor string lights is still the best one to get. In case you missed it, this light comes with a low voltage feature that can help you save a lot in your budget and energy. 

Plus, it uses WeatherTite Technology all by BECCALIGHTING that can indeed be safe to use in all kinds of weather over the year. And, if you’re worried about the price, don’t worry as BECCALIGHTING is affordable for everyone. Now that you’ve got an idea for the best outdoor string light to catch, don’t forget these tips:

  • Considering the bulb type and material are essential since string lights are usually placed outdoors. The bulb’s kind and the material will show how durable and flexible it is to withstand any form of heavy weather. Bulb’s with suitable material will surely last for a long time. 
  • Staying within the maximum run wattage and knowing how many wattages of the bulbs you want to use is essential. 
  • Reviewing the wire lengths provides you the convenience of hanging the wires to any place you would like. 
  • Identifying the color of your outdoor string lights will help you achieve the mood and ambiance that you would like. 

There you have it! We hope that we provided all the needed information you need when buying your first outdoor string lights! Remember all of this and move now to the nearest market to get your outdoor string lights at home!