The Best Stick-On Night Lights for 2021

Stick-on night lights have been one of the most “in-demand” lights for homeowners as of today. Not only because it gives you the freedom of convenience, but it also helps you provide extra illumination at home, especially in the dark corners at your place. Plus, this kind of night light indeed enables you to save time and do some important things with its easy set-up and installation!

Stick-on Night Lights is mainly designed for small dark places in your home or at work for those people who are not familiar. You don’t need any wiring to use it. Grab some batteries, and it will do its job for you. Aside from that, stick-on lights are straightforward to install. Stick it into your wall with a strong adhesive tape or screw it on your wall, and that’s it! What’s more, some stick-on night lights have built-in handles to make them more useful and convenient for you.

In this article, we’ll give more details about what Stick-On Night Lights are, the available products in the market, and their benefits to your home.

The Best Stick-on Night Lights

You might be having a hard time choosing what stick-on night lights will perfectly fit your home. But as we always do, we are here to provide you a list of the best night lights in the market. Just keep on reading and let us know your thoughts!


The top item that goes on the list is the Becca Lighting LED Motion Sensor Lights. 

As the name suggests, this stick-on light is a motion sensor that allows you to sleep restfully without having a hard time to stand up and turn off the lights. It also features a

500mAh rechargeable battery, which gives you the convenience of consuming regular batteries from time to time. In case this stick-on night light gets a low battery, charge it on any USB cable, and you’re good to go!            

Another good thing about this product is it’s straightforward to use. There’s no complicated setting or programs for you to check for the night light to function. What’s more, installing the BECCALIGHTING LED Motion Sensor Lights is more straightforward than any other night lamps in the market. Stick it on with an adhesive strip, and voila! Everything’s working! 

Best of all, this stick-on night light will surely go a long way as it has strong magnets so it can stick on metals easily. Additionally, it also has a built-in handle, which makes it very handy for use. With that, you can bring it anywhere you would like! Go on camping with friends or a vacation with your family; the BECCALIGHTING LED Motion Sensor Light will indeed workout!

If you think we’re done about its features, we’re certainly not. The BECCALIGHTING LED 

Motion Sensor Lights has three available modes for different occasions. You can choose whatever light mode will fit you and your family for maximum comfort and relaxation.

So if you are someone who is looking for a great stick-on light with lots of great features at a very affordable price, the BBECCALIGHTING LED Motion Sensor Lights is the best choice.

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Are you looking for a night light that can help warm and comfort your eyes? Well, you’re looking at the right product now. GOVEE LED Night Light Motion Sensor is the right choice for looking for an “eye-comfort” light. The 15 lumens of warm white light facing downwards are bright and glare-free, which enabling you to get guided in the dark. 

What’s more, this night light no longer gives you a nighttime fumbling! Thanks to an integrated dusk-to-dawn sensor, this night light illuminates when you walk by and turns off after 15 seconds of no motion detected. Now, you won’t have any trouble finding the switch in the dark!

What’s even better, the Govee Night Light can detect motion up to 10ft at an angle of 120 degrees! With this feature, this light provides the perfect function for large spaces in your house or office. Also, installing this night light is not hard at all. Just set it up with a strong adhesive onto a dry, clean surface, and you can use it whenever you like. Or, mount it using screws using the holes at the back for more security. But either way, set up is very easy.

Worry no more when it comes to savings! Aside from having powered by a AAA battery, this night light only utilizes 0.2W, making it conveniently inexpensive when it comes to changing your batteries over time. Lastly, this Govee Night Light also comes at an affordable price! 

If you’re looking for a good quality night light with an eye comfort feature, then check this Govee Night right now!


Lastly, the Tap Light Push Lights from Star-Spangled comes on the final spot. Like other products, this night light gives you the perfect comfort, safety, and relaxation when you sleep. Although this night light is not a motion sensor, this night light provides a unique feature that you will like. 

By tapping the center of the lens, you will have full control of turning the lights on and off. 

An all good feature for convenience and to any rooms at home or even at work! Plus, you won’t need any extra wirings to set this night light! With the use of a strong adhesive tape, enjoy sticking this night light anywhere! 

Did we say that we’re not done yet? The Star-Spangles Light also has four pieces of energy-efficient SMD LED lights that provide ultra-bright light with 50 lumens. This night light is a perfect light choice if you want to have a bright space at home! This night light gives off a soft light to protect our eyes from any harm with its milky anti-glare panel.

The Star-Spangles Night Light is the best choice if you’re aiming to look for a light that can fit anywhere in your home! And did we mention that this is also affordable? Well, it is. So you might want to add this to your list!

Why do you need Stick-on Night Lights?

Stick-on night lights are mainly created for smaller spaces in your home like your stairs, cabinets, or hallways. Getting a stick-on night light might not be one of your priorities. However, you might want to consider these statements before thinking twice.

● Stick-on night lights provide extra illumination without stressing about the plugs and power source, giving you a lot more security when walking in the dark. 

● This kind of night light is very easy to install. You only need a battery and adhesive tape to make this work. 

● It’s convenient to use outdoors or indoors. Spend the night without getting afraid of the dark, whether you’re camping or just in a hotel. Plus, there’s no problem if you bring it anywhere you’d like!

If this thing doesn’t convince you more, then how about looking into these benefits below?

Top 3 Benefits of Stick-On Night Lights

Here are some reasons why you should avail of Stick-on Night Lights. Choose the one that is very convenient and perfect for your use. 

Versatile for Various Spaces and Easy Installation

Stick-on lights are usually installed on dark and low-traffic areas such as stairs, closets, wardrobes, hallways, and many more. Instead of turning the main light that might be too bright, considering little light is enough.

Also, stick-on lights have several installation methods. Aside from the popular stick-on methods with adhesive tape, you can also screw it on the wall, absorb the metal place, or even hang it with the hook on top. Some products in the market also have magnets, so you can easily stack them on metals. The more options you have, the better because you can choose what type of installation best suits your needs.

Saves Energy and Money

Save money on electricity bills with the stick-on lights by not turning on the main lights every time you will go out at night. You don’t need to worry about switching these stick-on lights as it will automatically power on and off when no one is around. 

This product is also cost-efficient because batteries operate these stick-on night lights. Again, you don’t need to use any plugs or look for some sockets to make this work. Get stick-on night lights to save on your electric bill and maintenance cost.


Stick-on night lights are multi-purpose. Besides using it in your home to get some extra illumination for your stairs, hallways, cabinets, and many more, you can also use it as an emergency light. So, whenever there’s a power outage, you don’t need to find candle lights and match to have light! 

Best of all, it’s also a perfect use for camping or any other outdoor activities at night. Stick-on night lights are also lightweight, which means you won’t be having any trouble carrying them anywhere you’d go.

How to Pick the Best Stick-On Night Lights

Do you want the light to be controlled automatically, manually, or both?

Some lights are motion sensored. Whenever they detect movement or humans, they automatically turn on and turn off if no action is detected. It only lights when needed, and you don’t need to worry about finding the light switch in the dark, which makes it an energy saver.

On the other hand, some lights have a switch or tap mode wherein you need to switch or tap it to turn on and turn off. What’s good with this one is that you now have full control over how long you want the light to be turned on.

Do you prefer AAA batteries-powered type or rechargeable type?

With stick-on lights powered by AAA batteries, you can use it even if there is no power source or a power outage, perfect for outdoor activities. Meanwhile, rechargeable type stick-on lights are convenient to use because you can charge them quickly with a USB type cable and no additional battery cost. 

What color works best for you?

Color temperature is one of the things you should consider when choosing the best stick-on lights for you. It would be best if you considered the sensitivity of your eyes and the location where you are. 

Cool white is best if you work with a sober head because it illuminates white light and very light with around 6000-6500k. At the same time, the warm light gives you a warm feeling. The lights are not blinding, comfortable to the eyes, especially when you wake up in the middle of the night.

Again, choose the stick-on light that gives the color temperature that suits you.

The Verdict

All in all, Stick-on night light provides safety, comfort, and extra illumination to your home. It is one of the best lights that homeowners find very convenient and cost-efficient.

Still, the best for stick-on night lights is the BECCALIGHTING LED MOTION SENSOR LIGHTS. With its built-in handle that can perfectly stick on the walls, you can easily mount this in any area at your home. 

And the good news? It features a motion sensor that automatically shuts the light on and off. BECCALIGHTING LED Motion Sensor also has rechargeable batteries that give you total convenience for use. 

There you have it! These are only some of the stick-on night lights available in the market. Nevertheless, the decision of choosing what’s best for your home is still in your hands. So, good luck, and may you select a great choice of night light with safety and security.